Contact Us: +91 99980 99962

Contact Us: +91 99980 99962


Nautica Marine specializes in providing different offshore services for installing and commissioning of types of equipment, pre-engineering surveys and various other projects that involve engineering activities of multidiscipline. We had like to inform our customers that we respect the norms and laws of every country and that is why all the certificates that are essential for making offshore installations and rigs are held by the engineers that we provide to aid you.

Other Services

  • Commissioning

    We have highly skilled engineers with great experience who will assist you with the commissioning of various instrumentation systems. The company provides commissioning services on the following: Cargo systems,

  • Repair

    Our company also caters to those who need help with repairing their products. No matter where or which vendor the product is bought from, we will not leave you

Full list of Services

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